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March 24, 2011

Airport Party

I LOVE Airport Parties! I think they are such a great time to come together to CELEBRATE with families newly joined together by adoption! I know they have got to be EXHAUSTED after like 18 hours of flying with in infant or toddler, but I hope that it is encouraging and energizing to see so many friends & family waiting for them.  This past Saturday was the 3rd Adoption airport arrival that we've been able to go to, and we wouldn't have missed it for the world. What made it even better was getting to share the day with some dear friends from college, who would all also like to bring children into their families through adoption! Brooke & Brandon are in the process of adopting right now and God has opened doors for Bryan & Danielle to adopt hopefully in the next year or so!

Our sweet friend, Brooke, (on the far right) took these pictures of Ryan & Lesli's arrival. LOVE THEM! She did such a great job capturing the excitement in the air and the sweet little boy who is now HOME with his forever family! You can see even more of her fantastic pics on her blog.
Jon & Brandon waiting in excitement, and sharing some laughs, as per usual when Brandon is around. Sorry, I just had to share this handsome picture of my husband! =)

Here I am hugging on Lesli, new mommy to Greer!
{I love the way Jonah and Greer are looking at eachother in this picture. Little do they know that they are going to be best buds one day, just like their daddies!}

Danielle and her daughter, Mady, meeting Greer

How sweet is that little face??? Oh my goodness, he is too cute.

Sweet shot of Ryan being a good daddy, trying to comfort Greer.

If you didn't get enough of this exciting day, you can see even more great pictures that their good friend at Red Tree photography took!

PRAISING THE LORD for His care for orphans and widows through believers, like our friends Ryan & Lesli!
REJOICING that "God puts the lonely in families." Psalm 68:6 
More details on our adoption to come soon! =)

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