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August 1, 2011

Finally Something Tangible!

We found out last week that we were going to be able to send a CARE PACKAGE to "Little Sister"!!!!! Our director is going to the DRC next week and is going to personally hand deliver the care packaging to the children!
I don't know why exactly, but I got all giddy inside just thinking about actually being able to allow myself to buy something for this little girl that we are PRAYING and PRAYING will  be our daughter. I think it is finally something tangible that makes this adoption feel more REAL! We will finally be connected by something physical. The outfits that I bought and washed for her, she will wear. The books and toys that we got for her she will touch & play with. The stuffed animals and blankets we slept with will (hopefully) have our scent on them and she will smell the scent of her new home for the first time as she cuddles and plays with them.
I'm SO thankful to our director, Sue, for giving families this opportunity! The hardest part was deciding what to put inside, how to pack all the love we have for her in a 2.5 gallon ziploc!! Here's what made the final cut:
Her first of many "Little Sister" shirts!
 I'm really hoping that Sue will get a picture of her wearing this while she is in DRC!
It would be such a cool thing to have for her adoption book!

Cute girly clothes for her very hot climate!

I hope she feels all the love packed in that ziploc bag & that we will have her home with us soon so we can show her that there's A LOT MORE where that come from! =)

*Praying Sue will have a safe, productive trip & get to take lots of pictures & video!!
PS- Here's how many Adoption Fundraising shirts we have left:
GRAY: 1 Small, 8 Medium, 8 Large, 2 XL, 1 XXL
NAVY: 2 Small, 1 Medium, 2 Large, 2 XL
email me @ if you want one!

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