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January 23, 2011

No, Mr. President: John Piper's Response to President Obama on Abortion

I want to share this wonderful, truth-filled sermon excerpt from John Piper today, on Sanctity of Life Sunday. Join me in praying that God would put an end to abortion, the murder of innocent children, in our country very soon!

One biblical response to the horror of abortion is ADOPTION.  So here we are Lord. Please knit our family together through the adoption of "unwanted" children. And we praise you, Father, for the birth mothers of our children (whom we have never met yet)  that they had mercy on their babies and didn't murder them out of convenience or because they didn't think they could care for them. I pray for their protection right now, Lord! One of my children could be in his/her mother's womb right this second and I pray that you would continue to keep them safe and healthy until I can come to them & bring them home to our family forever!

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