Thanks for your support of our adoption journey. We would love for you to join us in praying that God would give us wisdom, patience and perseverance as we go through the process to adopt our children! We appreciate the many people walking this adoption journey with us in prayer! ~Jon & Bethany

April 8, 2011

An Interesting Email...

Well friends, We got a very interesting email last night!
We got a BILL from our Adoption Agency for the "Attorney fee stage one for 2 referrals"....
We still hadn't heard anything from our director, (she has only been back in the US for a few days and we've been trying to be patient & not bombard her with questions as she recovers from major jet-lag)...
So we had no idea what this bill meant!
Jon sent her a quick email saying, "Does this mean we have referrals?!?!"

We found out that we do not have referrals yet, but that our agency found a great attorney in the DRC (Congo) and he has our dossier in his hands!!! So, we need to send a check to our agency asap (like this week!) for $3200 so that he can get started!

Our director said she expects us to get our referrals within the next month!!!

So, please pray with us! Pray that God would provide financially for our adoption! We are sending off several grant applications this week- please pray with us that the Lord would give us a matching-grant through one of these non-profit agencies!! Pray that we would trust in God's provision and His timing for all of our adoption! And please pray with us for our children! Pray that God would protect our children, keep them safe from harm or disease, and that they would be loved on! Pray that I would not grow anxious about the timing or having 3 children under 2 to care for! I know God's grace is sufficient, and His power is made perfect in my weakness! (2 Cor. 12:9)


  1. Yay!!! Praising God and praying for His great provisions to flow in soon!

  2. Tearing up. SOOOOOOOO excited! We'll be praying. :)