Thanks for your support of our adoption journey. We would love for you to join us in praying that God would give us wisdom, patience and perseverance as we go through the process to adopt our children! We appreciate the many people walking this adoption journey with us in prayer! ~Jon & Bethany

July 21, 2012

sorry it's been so long

We haven't written on the blog in over a month. But that is not because nothing has been happening in our adoption.

It is because so much has been happening that we cannot share publicly at this point.

It's been frustrating, chaotic, and very sanctifying. We have had to lean on the Lord alone, because He alone has infinite power and wisdom, and He alone can resolve this situation.

We trust that God is the one writing our adoption story and directing our path, even when He seems to be leading us to our destination by a very different road than we had pictured when we set out. We want to be obedient to follow where ever He leads, like the Isrealites followed Him into the desert trusting that He would eventually lead them to the Promised Land. (Although we do NOT want to grumble and complain about everything along the way, like the Isrealites. Nor do we want to quickly forget all that God has done for us the way they did. You can pray for us to guard ourselves from these things.) We don't know what the other side of this "desert" will look like, but we know that He will be there with us- and that alone is enough. He is our source of joy in every turn and trial along the way.

Just know that we are still here, on our God-given mission to care for the fatherless. And our Heavenly Father is sustaining us and giving us grace for each day. He is ministering to us through His word and through so many believers in our lives who are pointing us to His word continually. {We PRAISE God for the community of believers we are a part of! Not a day goes by that we are not encouraged or spurred on by one of the faithful Christians God has placed in our lives, and for that we are SO thankful.}

We trust that God isn't finished with our story yet, so we press on and PRAY that He would execute justice for orphans, and, we pray, be glorified along the way.

You can continue to pray that God would give us wisdom, patience, perseverance for the road ahead. You can pray that God would miraculously knit our family together through adoption and that we would be home with our children very soon. You can pray for God's protecting hands to be wrapped around both of our children, caring for them each day that we cannot be there to do it ourselves.

Oh yes, I almost forgot... the day after we got some devestating news about our son, we received some awesome news that was somewhat overshadowed by our sorrow, but we want you to rejoice with us at all that God has done- baby girl is now legally OUR daughter!

Trusting that "this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison" (2 Cor. 4:17-18),


  1. Oh I just got cold chills, sweet cold chills when I read those precious words that your daughter is now legally awesome,and I too know the pain for the long wait, for my first adoption of 3 took 11 long years. One must stand firm in their faith and know that Almighty God is listening, is hearing our pleas and He is working out the details~

  2. Praying so much for you guys! Thank you for your commitment to fight to rescue your child- it has been such a great reminder that the Lord never gave up on us when He rescued us. He will be glorified! Praying for great endurance and perseverance! Love you!!!!

  3. My name is Sadiyo Hassan and I was born in Kenya. I came to America when I was 6 and I'm 13 right now so about half of my life I lived here. I'm in 7th grade and I just happened to stumble to your blog when I was doing research on DRC for school. I can see you guys are really trying to help Congolese to have a better life by adopting kids. Well, for my project I'm doing for school, I am to research about Congo and solve some of its soil and nutrient problems. I want to do compost to put with the forest soil to have the nutrients return to the earth and help the plants grow. By doing this, the plants will be healthier and Congolese won't get sick because of the nutrient dificencies. I wanted to see if you guys could give me advise or information to help my project be the best it could be. The team who has the best solution will win the competition and acctually might get their solution improved and sent to their country in Africa to help the people there. I hope you guys could help me! I appreciate it! Thanks!

    1. Sadiyo,
      I just saw your comment. I think your school project sounds pretty cool. I'm not sure how we could help, but please let me know if we can. You can email me at if you think of any questions we could help with.
      Good luck on your project!