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April 12, 2012

final t-shirt order- new colors!

We are now taking pre-orders (as in you pick the size(s) and color(s) you want and we order them for you) for our final t-shirt order!
Jon & I created our t-shirt design together on our computer and the Lord has provided steadily for our adoption through these shirts. We are so humbled and thankful for every one of you who has ordered a shirt already and all of you who are about to! When we designed the shirt, our hope was that whenever you wear it, you will help raise awareness of the global orphan crisis and God's love for orphans. We also pray that wearing these shirts would open many doors for gospel conversations and for sharing how all Christians are called to care for orphans in some way. So be ready to explain that there are 147 million orphans worldwide. That there are 39 million orphans just in Africa- around 4 million in Ethiopia and in the DRC. And that every single one of them bears the image of God, just like you and me.

 We need to order a minimum of 24, and we hope to have at least that many pre-ordered by April 24th so we can send in our order. 
If you would like one (or 10!) please email me @ with the colors and sizes you want us to order for you! I will hand them out (and mail them out) when they come in.

You can donate the $20 per shirt several different ways (please don't forget to include $2 per shirt if you need me to ship them, to help cover shipping costs):
1) You can donate online through our ChipIn button (on our blog's sidebar)
2) You can mail a check to Lifesong (directions on our Both Hands tab)
3) You can mail a check to us and we will deposit it into our adoption account (email me @
I happily wear my super soft and comfy adoption t-shirt often! So often that one of my best friends dressed up as me for Halloween and wore- you guessed it- our adoption shirt! =) Love you Jordan!

SO thankful to be an adopted daughter of my Heavenly Father,

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