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February 4, 2012

baby R's 1st Birthday!

Today is our lil guy's First Birthday!!!
{Ok, well we don't know when he was actually born since he was abandoned, but today marks 1 year since he was found in the marketplace.}
We celebrate that the Lord preserved baby R's life one year ago and every day for the past year!
We thank God for the kind stranger who took pity on our baby boy one year ago today and brought him to the orphange, which is our gateway to him in our lives!
We thank God for his birthmother, that she gave him life and left him in a place where he had a good chance of being found!
And we look forward to
We praise God for healing him from the severe case of malaria he had back in September!
And we look forward to holding him in our arms and giving him lots of belated birthday hugs and kisses in just a few months!!

We celebrated his birthday with our parents and surprised them by putting his picture on the cake (this was their first look @ their beautiful soon-to-be-grandson and granddaughter! We decided to guard their hearts after losing our sweet baby Leseli in August. We told them they'd have to wait until we passed court and he was "official", but we thought this was a fun way to surprise them & just couldn't wait.)
{Sorry, we can't show you his beautiful face yet, but trust me HE IS A-DORABLE! A very handsome lil guy!}

Happy Birthday Baby R!
LOTS of Love,
 Your Soon-to-be-Official Mommy, Daddy and big brother =)
{And ALL of your extended family too! They can't wait to meet you and baby sister!}

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  1. We can wait to meet you! Jesse can't wait for two more friends!!!